TREE SERVICES: We are here to take the load off and assist with your:  Storm Clean-Up, Tree Removal, Pruning,
Stump Grinding, Tree TLC, Land Clearing and/or additional tree needs.  Our professional staff of tree handlers are here with
the equipment, man-power, know-how needed to properly care for your trees.  We listen to our customers and deliver the
highest quality of service with integrity, courtesy, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.                                  

STORM CLEAN-UP: When Mother Nature may strike is a mystery, Sawyer Tree is here to assist you in removing the
mess, debris and destruction left in her path.  With just a quick call to us we will help restore your property back to normal....
maybe even better!  

TREE REMOVAL: Tree Removal generally refers to the taking down and removal of a tree from a property.  Reasons
to remove a tree may include damage from a storm, proximity to buildings, play areas, driveways, walkways, to remove a
diseased tree, or to simply allow the sunshine to penetrate an area in your yard.   Whatever the reason we are at the ready
to assist you in the removal of your trees.

STUMP GRINDING: Stump Grinding is done to breakdown the debris of a stump.  Sawyer Tree will grind the stump 6"
-8" underground.  Don't be stumped, let our professionals assist you in the best approach in grinding your stump for your

TREE PRUNING: Pruning is done to help in improving the health, size and shape of your trees.

TREE CLEANING: is a process of selective pruning to remove a diseased, dead, crossing, or broken branches.

TREE RAISING: is selective pruning to provide you with vertical clearance such as a portion of a tree over a building or
street for example.

TREE THINNING: is selective pruning to reduce density of live limbs and branches on your tree.  

LAND CLEARING: When searching for an established company to clear your individual lot or acreage project, look no
further than Sawyer Tree. We are state licensed and insured and have over 30 years experience in residential, commercial,
and industrial land clearing projects. As a Land Clearing Contractor, Sawyer Tree has completed clearing projects for
individual custom home builders, residential developers, commercial builders, corporations, city/county/state/federal
government agencies, and utilities companies. Sawyer Tree offers complete solutions including: Land Clearing, Debris
Removal, and Hauling Services for all your project’s needs. We are focused on the successful completion of your Residential,
Commercial, or Industrial Land Clearing Project.

Our company is one of the most experienced and versatile state licensed general contractors specializing in Lot and Land
Clearing in the Worcester Metro Area and throughout Massachusetts. Our experience, capabilities, and seasoned personnel
are top notch. We offer quality services at reasonable prices.

If your project needs require land clearing services, contact Sawyer Tree, “Massachusetts Premier Land Clearing Contractor
of Choice.”

TREE TLC: Tree TLC is just that for your trees!  Let our trained professionals observe and recommend the proper
course of action for the health of your trees.  For more information or questions concerning your tree's health please contact  

Just Call:  508-450-2809 or click here to make an appointment with one of our courteous professionals.
Fully Insured